Tax Services

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With our dedication to customer service combined with over 22 years of experience, Boniface C. Azide, CPA strives to deliver the highest standards of tax and accounting services. We cater to individuals and small to mid-sized companies who require professional CPA services.

Tax Preparation
Our tax preparation services include balancing your tax sheets, auditing your tax information, processing and preparing your tax return, and more. We also offer tax return for individuals, corporate tax returns, addressing IRS notices, FBAR filing, and more.
Tax Audit Engagements, Representation & Resolution
Do you need expert audit defense? If you run into any problems during your audit and you are being scrutinized by the IRS, you don’t have to call your lawyer immediately. Instead, you can rely on our CPAs to provide you with tax audit representation and resolution.
Tax Review
To ensure the accuracy of your tax reports, our expert consultants can thoroughly review your taxes. Whether you only need individual tax review or if you need corporate income tax review, we can handle it for you. Let us help you avoid tax-related fines and penalties.
Tax Planning
With our tax planning service, we can provide you with expert tax-saving strategies. Our tax planning service can help you with your strategic business planning, cash flow, bank financing, and more. With our professional assistance, we want to help you achieve long-term financial stability and success.
Fixed Assets, Management, & Improvements
Do you want to effectively manage and improve your fixed assets? Our dedicated consultants can provide a thorough fixed asset auditing process. With our support, we can help you save money and deal with lessen logistical issues in the long run.
Amended Returns
Do you need help with filing your amended returns? Essentially, an amended return is filed in order to make corrections to your tax returns from the previous year. It can also be used to claim a more profitable tax filing or correct filing errors.
Financial Statements
In order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of your financial statements, our expert consultants can thoroughly review them. They will make sure that every amount is accounted for, and they will watch out for any inaccuracies in your financial reports.
Business Consulting
Are you finally ready to start your own business? Are you currently experiencing some challenges in your current business venture? Whether you are already an established business or if you are just about to start, we can provide you with our expert business consulting services.
Entity Choice & Incorporation
Do you need professional advice to help you make the most suitable entity choice for your business? If you are still undecided about becoming an LLC or a Corporation, we can provide you with our expert insights. We will work closely with you and help you identify the best entity choice for your business.
QuickBooks Consulting
Whether you’re new to QuickBooks or upgrading your files, we can provide you with a personalized QuickBooks Consulting service specific for your needs and business requirements. With our expertise, we can help you maximize the full potential of QuickBooks.
Payroll Services Including Federal & State Payroll Reports
Whether you are a small or mid-sized business entity, we can help you with your payroll services. This also includes providing you with assistance with filing the appropriate federal and state payroll reports. With our help, we can make your payroll process more efficient and accurate.
General Accounting Services
As a full service tax and accounting agency, we can provide you with a broad range of general accounting services. From tax preparation, payroll processing, financial statement preparation, tax filing, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliations, and financial reporting services.
Financial Planning
For long-term financial stability and success, it is important for you to have a sound financial plan. If you don’t know where to start your financial planning, don’t worry! Our expert financial consultants are ready to provide you with the guidance that you need.

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